Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love is Red. Red is Love.

Today is my dog's birthday.
We gonna party (meaning we are gonna lie around all day and enjoy the bit of sunshine we are having. After a lovely week of warm weather, temps go down some and rain is looming, maybe. I can't want until Spring arrives for good).

This is on eBay a few hrs away from ending, depending on your time zone. Take a look HERE if you are still on time to bid or too late. If too late, I am working hard to get stuff finished to list. Listing some inventory too.

I'm taking time off again from all social things online....except for a few art updates.
Distractions!! FB is the worst thing - or should I say best thing to destroy productivity. I'm willing to miss helpful things to gain the benefit of focus the rest of this week. Feb is moving fast and there are things I want to get done this very month.

Follow me on instagram which does not distract me the way FB does.

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