Thursday, February 1, 2018

Beautiful Minds.

A whole bunch of things have changed in my head, and continue to change. Thank goodness that happens. Geminis have that superpower that can feel so scary when we fail to remember it as a strength.

For instance, last year I learned to love the person who Sinead o"Connor is. She likes to be called Magda. I'm sure it's pointless to tell you why this is even related to my sentence above. Anyone else looking at her life in the past few years, as I did, might think she's mentally ill. She even adopts the label, and I wish she did not. I think that's putting yourself in a box that was designed to see people's beautiful souls as flawed, and you always begin to embody what you speak and believe. And then everyone around you repeats and mirrors that back at you, and it becomes "true".

She's a brilliant musician, a creative soul who longs. And seeing her struggle with certain personal things was cathartic and it makes me admire her so much. I also can relate to allowing people to cause reactions on you that are not you but buried shit that comes out that you saw at some point in life before and now you are reacting to it as a trigger.

Creating is a lifesaver. I think my last comment to her was that she needed to forget all the people driving her crazy and turn to music, toward what she excels. There are some live performances that are just on-spot excellence, like this one:

She writes really well too, and I love her mind. I believe she's an empath. Definitely a highly sensitive soul - which most artists are.

Yup, because I am changing I begin to notice people who are/think/feel similar to me - the only validation I need is that it's ok to be me, exactly as I am and no one has the privilege of telling me I am not okay.

Thank goodness. It's nice to have company. I already knew, as a kid, that I wasn't "normal". There's nothing wrong with that. Notice, I am already liking myself so much better. It's so true that when the right thing is done, like a key that opens a door, much happens fast when life has finally a chance to show you goodness. One has to want that, has to give permission for life to become better. Because too often we offer that permission for life to be crappy and painful. It takes a really important thing first: learn to believe your gut all of the way. If your gut tells you something is not right for you, believe it. And stop trying to beat a dead horse. Don't beat any horses at all, actually. The whole thing with Sinead stems from those childhood mindfucks we all suffer from. It's in child years that we are shocked by how crazy this world is, until we learn to "adapt" (which means to hide those early traumas - those who hide the best are seen as "normal adults" - when it's clear so many are not even "adults" yet. ;) Don't believe all you read, see, hear. Many things in our lives are far more subtle than those basic faculties/senses. Love to all. Have a good day.

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