Friday, October 6, 2017

Did you say Frida? or Friday?

The days have been lovely. Not too cold, not hot. I am sluggish, still undergoing the process of adapting to the sudden change in temps and weather patterns, new positions of sun and moon, not having the energy for all the little things spread all over the place (literally so), in need of my attention. And I don't feel like any of it. I just feel like watching movies, painting when something pops in my mind, sleeping and eating.

Got new sketchbooks and loving the loose painting exercises I've been doing. By doing that I think I got a technique down that I was trying to "perfect". I also have painted enough animals that I am confidently able to depict an animal in a nice way...mostly the fur is what I was trying to practice doing...I had been avoiding doing animals for a very good while because I wanted a very specific look to show on the's okay now, I can proceed.
Working on commissions, as well as more art for eBay, which hopefully keeps bringing some money flowing and my practicing the skills I have slacked on and sometimes just plainly lacking. I need to wake up! Today I shall try making lemon poppy seed scones!

On eBay right now, the 2 pieces below and they end this eveningCLICK HERE

I'm putting up a nice Frida original should really check it out later.

Bye for now.

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