Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Beautiful.

You undisclosed lovely being who bought this from my shop at Redbubble yesterday: thank you for the support and for the beautiful feedback you left me...
It went in as a private message so only I could see but I'm fixing right now by sharing it here on my page. :) Thanks! <3

"I love MeloEarth designs bc of its whimsical quality, and how it transports me into a world of fun and fairy tale, where I get to drop into my child-like qualities and experience beauty, lightness, and enchantment again and again. {heart emoji goes here}!"

#Aw! Exactly what I do. I lighten things up. All the heaviness of this world needs us, anti-gravity folks (I'm an air sign) to offer reminders to self and others that we keep attempting to uplift our emotions toward the little things that are still magic and intriguing (and everywhere!); curiosity (not panic, not worry, not warfare) is what assists one's return to a state of hope-fullness. I will always attempt to add hope to my life and the way it reflects in my art is, even if the subject is sad...notice how [she]'s surrounded by joyful or gentle colors that seem to add happy energy or nurture [her]........  :)  I don't have huge ambitions with art...a smile...a quiet enjoyment of what you see is all that matters to me. Those that get it, get it. And I'm content at that.

Thanks for the stream of thoughts your feedback allowed me to have. My morning pondering work is done and I even made 2 phone calls to catch up with relatives I hadn't spoken to in eons. Dogs fed, I'm fed, trash went out....Now I'm onto ART! 

I'm going to post something new today on my print shop at Redbubble. I also need to go in and readjust every design I have. The site offers new features from time to time but it does not update older designs. A shop owner has to edit the older ones manually. Each product...in order to use the new feature. 

I also want to add my website to every product (a tiny disclosure) so that anyone looking at any products knows where to go to get their own. Redbubble does not do that, they just print what you upload...so each upload should have your info!!! and it shouldn't be ugly or affect your design enough to call attention to it...it should be discrete, on a corner, clear enough to be read but not in competition with the image. If your eye keeps going to the website info, you need to tone it down (tweak the transparency/opaqueness feature whether you are using text or a logo file). 

Follow my shop if you'd like. These are great gifts, and the print quality is excellent.
Wishing a good week to all! xo

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