Monday, September 4, 2017

Ponderations on a Monday.

I really love California!!
Just wanted to say that, to begin with.

Listening right now...if you'd like to play along... (Pressing Strings is a band from Annapolis, Maryland, that wasn't around when I lived there).....

I was writing away on FB when I noticed the backwardness of it all.
I need to write here on my blog and post a link on FB, instead.
That was an agreement I made with myself.
I forget my own agreements.
Then I write and paper piles and that's not attractive so I ignore it. up thinking again (gotta stop this bad habit).........

No more apologies for loving Melancholia.

When anyone sees "sad" in my art, let's be clear: it's my love for sad things you see. I don't hide it. No shame in it.

Somebody in this world has to feel for others who don't, won't, or have forgotten how.

When I go look for a human-based definition, apparently we all have agreed - because it's on wikipedia - that it's a "mental disease" (?). I say #nope. So much more to it, so many variations, seasons and applications!
If you speak to the "right" people, they will call it "depression", which some prescribe pills to mask, while others affirm can be wiped out by the proper overstanding of biology, thought patterns and nutrition. Four hundred years before Christ the Greek philosopher Hippocrates spoke about four types of temperament (notice temperature as the basis here), affirming that the types were a result of various body fluids. That's how archaic this thinking is. 
Nothing is wrong with you. It's what you decide to create that gets created.


Interesting how we classify everything, and I've never met the one person who oversees all of this subjective rewriting of natural things where some behaviors are translated as "normal" and others cast aside as undesirable. Like crying in public has become something you need to apologize to. I don't. Well, tried, and stopped. It never felt natural to me to say I am sorry for crying. Never. Anytime I can't put it into words I either write, paint or cry.

As for classifications, I don't mind them. They are like Santa Claus: come and go. I'd rather shut up and capture beauty in images I can't even begin to speak about. So, my instagram. <3

"I'd rather watch my kingdom fall
I want it all or not at all
Say it like you mean it"

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