Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ahhh, time alone, how much I love thee!

Having a bit of total alone time. Dogs and daddy went out.

I'm all for work and sleep right now. I love the feeling of having my dogs in bed with me. Little Rudy, mom's shadow, touches me all night long. If he's not using me for a pillow, he's pushing his paws against me the way these cute tiny dogs do when they feel cozy and loved. I love that to no end. I pet him when I can manage to lift my hand at night from the slumber state, and the first thing they all get is a kiss from momma before we all go do our doo-doo-duties in the morning. They are on my schedule, hehe.  They have been really good lately at sleeping through the night and not getting distracted by outside noises. Getting used to the fact they have to share their yard with wildlife, I suppose?

Okay, so art-wise, I am doing all kinds of things, now that this train has taken out again.
Sales are happening, I feel inspired, eager, and grateful. I just get all jammed up with all of these different activities that it involves. I shouldn't, I am a Gemini, but I'm also older, been doing this for many years now and some parts of the process go slower than others because, well, they are not my favorite. Shipping is not a favorite anymore and it has been the case for a good while. So I apologize for that part. I am not a fast shipper and I try to make that clear from the get-go (I hope I do). I will make it even clearer, that it does take me a bit to be ready to drop off the package. I often list pieces while still having steps to be done, such as spraying, finishing a tiny detail, scanning....making sure I have all of these steps covered is necessary before I send anything out. I lost a lot of opportunities to scan great pieces I have created in the past due to relying on second-hand info from tech guy who's not an astist...turns out his advice for me to scan my art a 300 dpi was WRONG (painting small, I need far more res than that! so I am able to reproduce my images larger, on products that are large, such as a duvet cover or a bathroom curtain!....and I did it for too long in years past, the insufficient scanning of stuff I no longer know who purchased, or I could borrow to scan again, now that I know what to do.

That's just one realization I had this year, to learn to rely more on my research than in what people say, ESPECIALLY those who consider themselves "too good" at what they do. They are not. I could point out flaws if they asked and could deal with raw truth. Hardly anyone can. Don't tell me my flaws either. lol

Boy, do I digress....but that's me, and I embrace it now. Anywhere you see me writing it's gonna be like this. I write and don't edit. I hardly ever edit. If there is no such thing as improvised, spur-of-the-moment writing anymore, I will keep it alive. There's a name for it, I forget. I am caring less and less for "definitions" of things in the way we have agreed to do it. A LOT of it is nonsensical. I refuse to go along. I'll make up my own if need be. lol
So in writing, from me, what you see is what you see and maybe by the time you see it I am already a brand new person, no longer the one who wrote what you read. Looking at life in a wide new way, where details are mostly irrelevant is helping me to free my creativity when expressed. Which is what I want, more and more and more of.

In a very distant past I remember looking at artists on media and thinking "I wish I could be that crazy", meaning "free" the time I did not know the word "free" was even a thing. I felt free (at that time) but not in my mind. I became a prisoner of modes of thinking way too young, having it modeled for me so accurately and frequently.

I don't even care about that stuff anymore also (childhood "issues"). I now fully realize that we each have/live/are bound by/ our own inner states of evolution or stuckness. Parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, frenemies...everyone is hanging onto dear familiar notions of being/speaking/acting/thinking. No one is gonna change anyone unless that one wants/is ready for something new. That's a measure of resilience but it can take the form of stagnated indecision.

No one speaks about their deepest fears, I notice. And that's a defense mechanism, at its classic level. We try to look brave, we try to fend off worry but I know we do worry. That's the natural state of brains now. How could it not be, in a world as complex as the one we collectively create?

Why am I talking about all this so early on a Sunday AM when I should be enjoying my quiet alone time??
I will shut it now.

Art deals today: Society6 is having a sale. Here's a link to my shop. I am using S6 as a host for my landscape paintings only, no other theme (the others go to Reddbubble). So you will only see a couple of paintings and some of my husband's Northern California photography.

The sale is: 25% Off Everything  - Starts: 9/10/17 @ 12:00am PST
Ends: 9/11/17 @ 11:59pm PST

My eBay auction is still up. More coming soon.

That's it for now.  Have a good weekend!
The acrylic blocks below, and much more, at my RB SHOP. The promo right now is 20% off everything. Use FINDIT20 code at checkout.

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