Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mercury Retrograde, cats, birds...

I made a typo on Instagram when I posted the painting of cat and birds as an auction. I can't edit posts on IG so I had to take it down. Then things got busy and I haven't relisted it.

In the meantime, I have uploaded the same image to my shop at Redbubble.
Look how cool these acrylic blocks are and how great they would look in a child's room, or your room, if you love cats. There are other products with this image, and other designs there, so please take a look.

I feel I have to say this again: I don't have a formal online shop right now but everything I show is for sale or it shows you what I can do, and if you think of something or need a special item, ask to get on my list of custom work. I'm currently not working on commissions (trying to get my mojo back!) but I do have a waiting list.
And please be willing to wait because I do everything myself: all my online updates, all listings, all thinking, planning, inspiration, painting, shipping, customer service....

...all of that while having daily chores at my new home that must get done no matter what. Since we live without many of the conveniences of modern life, everything takes longer and requires more energy. And the heat, that makes me tired on its own (though I love warm weather, you probably know that).

I am considering very seriously getting a formal studio because I am certain I cannot work at home anymore, especially now, not having a dedicated room, which...hmmm...gonna take a good while since we are here to build a home. Our place has one room, that's where I have tried to work, unsuccessfully.  Then it came to me that my home studio worked before because (1) I was alone most days, for most of each day, (2) I had a big home: 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, and one was dedicated to being my atelier and (3) I was younger, therefore I had more energy and (4) I had all of the modern conveniences and could stay in the studio for hours each day. That's when I used to forget to eat, and yes, I got sick by doing that. But boy, was I rolling with art back then!

Then I realized how much I was still mourning those days and hoping for things I had back then when (hello!) my situation now has changed drastically, and gladly so. I'm building a brand new life here! Of course, it takes time, patience, and major readjusting. After 7 years in one rental, we made a huge move to our place last year. The land and structures had been uncared for years before we came into the picture, and making it decent has taken so much effort and time. My husband demolished an entire old trailer by himself! by hand!

Anyway, I am looking at spaces and HOPING that I soon get the guts to "just do it". I feel that my creativity is returning and so is my confidence.


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