Sunday, August 20, 2017

eBay again! and more to come.....

Facebook auctions didn't work, Instagram auctions not yet I am back on eBay.
This cat painting is active now and ends on Wednesday 8/23/17 at 4:44 pm PST
It's an original piece and quite adorable, if I may say (well, I just did!).


It's HOT here in California and my brain only wants to rest and do nothing but chores are a daily thing, and today I plan on finishing a fox aceo painting to participate in a monthly contest on eBay.
If you wish to see the contest, the keyword on eBay to find them is "NFAC art"

I'll post here when mine is done.
(This eclipse and energies bouncing around are really affecting me so intensely!)
Please slow down time, just a little bit.

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