Monday, July 24, 2017

The deeper levels.

Is this a blog about art? Well, yes. The art of Life.
One has to be creative in all areas of life, and that's why thinking of creativity in daily practice has been helpful to me to avoid thinking that I am less of an artist for not having been able to create real paintings in a while. I have been applying creativity to other areas that needed my attention; it will repercuss in the art later. Because art is life and life is art.

Deep considerations today....our bodies and lives are so intriguing, there's so much to learn in order to establish peace of mind, once we realize the limited boxes we lived in.

I often regret not having had the internets when I was growing up, and I wonder how many young people who have the time I have lost are putting it to great use for personal empowerment and growth. In other words, how much do people realize the information on the Internets can propel your personal evolution in grand ways? Sometimes the leap is great. One must be curious, one must be self-invested, one must realize we live in matrixes, and if you don't create your own world, you will live somebody else's version of reality. It's all stories. It's all perceptions.

That kid I approach (it took guts from me, to do that) to tell that his stuttering was somatization. I suggested the speech impediment is a subconscious problem that manifests in his speech. He blew me off, said that his doctor told him "there is no cure", and straight up dismissed my advice to seek hypnosis or a somatization specialist. Here's Bruce Lipton, a respected biologist on the edge of his profession, telling humans what's possible that they don't yet know, that the environment causes physical illnesses. We don't realize what "holistic" means, do we? holistic means it's one system: there's no separateness between physical, spiritual, emotional, and our minds - brain and mind and soul are the same thing, different assignments, different tasks, different dimensions, which all work in unison. There's a butterfly effect in the world that happens inside us! it's all ripples of energy at work!

Your doctor just didn't know, kid. Going to the doctor and trusting the doctor 100% is The Programming. You are too young to fall into the Programming, but you are right there already. Apples fall close to the apple tree.

This past week I realized that I need to upgrade the things I pay attention to, the people I care about, the level of attention I allow people to get from me, when I don't even think they are worth my attention - not in arrogance but because my time is limited, and there's much I want to accomplish and energy is less now, things require more energy from me, and therefore anything that's not essential to my growth is not welcomed. Evolution takes intention.

This lecture also validates what I always said about politics: don't participate, don't fight it either. The more attention you give to an unwanted situation, the more it will grow (in your perception, and therefore it will share your reality - notice what happens inside you, physically and emotionally when you first look at news and politics on any given day. That is training your brain to continue to respond in the same ways it has.

"I'd like to apologize to Nature" - Bruce Lipton

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