Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Walk the walk.

I shared this image on Facebook a year ago. As it popped up today, it caused me to notice how far things have gone. All those relentless, constant requests to do stuff for free when we first moved to California are mostly gone!
Ahhhh, it feels good. It feels right.
It was rude, excessive, and annoying, for a long time! I had to address 2 fronts, those constantly asking and the chronic yes-sayer. The last thing I remember having to do was to address somebody, directly, to ask them to "please stop offering our services for free to anyone on social media". I told the person I did not need help finding free gigs. doh! I need a scout to find money gigs, hon. I didn't say it like that but I implied and it work.
Sometimes you have to resort to extreme solutions that are just as rude as the behavior shown to ya; if you don't want to spend too much time trying to solve the problem, you just whack it.
Some of it was probably done in good faith, as "networking" and sharing info (hey, I know these talented people who charge zero dollars!), but the file line presents itself: I'm not in my 20s, my time is very valuable now and we have adult things to do! Who can afford to be prancing around being the fairy godmother (or godfather) of projects people think up?
Yes, artists have tons of bills and desires, just like everyone else, which require the old money paper bills....and, unlike models, we DO have to eat.
That said, it seems art is no longer fond of me. Or the other way around. I'm not getting stuck in this questioning either, I am simply doing the next thing and seeing how it goes. Mercury goes direct today and I am hopeful some of these sticky feelings will pass on their own. BTW, I'm still running eBay auctions for my original art that I need to rehome.

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