Thursday, April 13, 2017


I'm gonna make this blog my go-to place for everything.

I got an email from Etsy today with some change in policies I don't want to even deal with. I hardly sell there anyway. I haven't really found a good use for Etsy in years. It's saturated, and I can see that clearly because I was there from day one and I can compare to what it is now. It did what eBay did for artists faster than eBay did it, which is to treat handmade and art & cheap, almost handmade as equals. One can't compete with everyone like that. of course you will always find it cheaper, or next to nothing so guess who loses. I'm not paying Etsy for ME to have to advertise Etsy.
#Sorrynotsorry, Etsy.

So if you look at my sidebar here on this site, on top right, the first links are pages I am creating - at great brain cost because this blog is free and I am having formatting troubles - to list my available offerings. I can't stand the tech parts anymore. I have 3 pages so far and trying to add stuff to them. I will add Paypal buttons too, and if you need to contact me, use the contact form also on the sidebar, a bit below on the page. A Paypal transaction will also get you in touch with me.

** Also, pls beware I am not shipping to other countries. US only. Sorry, but I also can't deal with the postal insecurities and delays.

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