Sunday, March 5, 2017

Just an updatin'.

Today is pretty...pretty cold's snowing, it's been snowing here in #norcal for a few hrs. The hills are covered in white, a deer came to visit, she did not mind my presence...the hummingbirds have their nectar and keep on fighting over it (I need to buy more feeders), and dogs and myself are warm.

I have been painting every day, forcefully so. Yup, if left on my own I want to do nothing right now. Hibernate, sleep, eat - that's pretty much it. Normal, biologically speaking.

But since I live in society and must carry on with mundane things (haha) I must develop some sort of structure again, and give whatever I love my daily attention. Attention which has been deeply disturbed from being on social media too often in the past few years. This post-election made that all so clear to me! FB has lost so much of its luster and the hold it had on me, thankfully! I go to Twitter for some news, but since it's a lot of words I leave quickly enough.

Etsy is not giving me vibes but I am still there. I'm again at that point where I ask myself: "do I list more items or leave Etsy for good?" ...I still don't know the answer and I wonder if those who have pages upon pages of Etsy listings are selling...or selling enough to make the effort worth. Because time is of an essence, and I am choosing what to give attention to now.

This is a year of practicing discipline. Nothing extreme, but it's time I give myself what I know I need. I have come to so much self-understanding in the past year or two alone, it's astounding, and so much more to go.
It's a process of remembering, really. Hopefully, it will come out in my the way....samples here I hope you enjoy...

I think I might list more on Etsy, will see.

I might also hold an auction here since I did one on my FB page and realized that page is not seen enough times so it's moot doing anything on FB unless you pay for ads and I refuse to do that b/c I don't even believe they do what they promise or that their stats are truthful. Surely they are complicated, and I have no patience. There's so much more fun things I can do and no need to mess with the dragging, time-consuming tech stuff right now.

Ok, done rambling. Everything is white outside. That's a lot of snow.

See you soon. Stay warm or cool, depending on where you are (is there any place on Earth that's warm or hot, currently? it seems NONE is! BRRRRRRR)

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