Monday, March 13, 2017

Craftroom / Art Studio Tour by Sandy Allnock

A new YT channel I'm checking out. She has some good points on these tours in the beginning. So true. But having heard that said out loud validates my feelings as normal, and I now know it's not "just me". It's nothing knew, I am sort of hard on myself. Learning to change that.

I will be keeping these feelings away by appreciating my own stuff more because I do love seeing other studios and work rooms.

Over at my cave, I'm seeing results of my practicing some recent (and older) resolutions.
Things are good, moving slowly but good. It's sunny, we are getting a break and enjoying good weather. Flowers are blooming, dogs are happier, I'm happier (though feeling some overwhelm).

I am making a list of things I need to do every day for work, and further considering plans I have had for months. Months went by because of the harsh winter and all the things we had to deal with sometimes just to stay warm. We are sort of homesteading. First timers, etc.

This Spring we hope to get several things done so that next Winter will be sweeter and far less issues to deal with. We just didn't have a lot of time between moving and having the winter arrive. And it was an intense one. I'm not sure we are out of it yet. Several areas of our county are still flooded, including many residences by the lake.

Just hoping we won't get any more cold weather. Hoping for Spring to stick. Then all things will be good. But if not, oh well, we just figure it out. I'm happy that it's the tail end of the cold season right now. Gardening calls are being heard. Many new birds arriving. Life is Art. xo

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