Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not out of hibernation yet...

What a winter this one has been. Kicking my behind. So many things to watch and remedy and fix and work from scratch.

California has been nothing short of a constant adventure, sometimes amazing, sometimes harsh. No weak person stays in California, this is still the wild west, and I am still here, on a crash course to get stronger.

When I was about to move, almost years ago, I saw a quote that said something like "California will either bless you or destroy you". I wish I could find this quote but I can't, and that was the idea. I have to say I have experienced both. I've had to re-birth myself here. Kali-nature, indeed. I'm still here. Still hanging. Building new things again, pushing further, and things are flowing better now in some ways, and still kicking my behind in other ways. I embrace it all b/c the alternative is not an enticing as this.

I spend my days planning what I can do in that day before the daylight dwindles. Since it's rainy, it's never really bright except for short times during the mornings. I am surrounded by fog most days, which I love.

The trees are filled with bright green moss, and I have made bird friends again. It was so easy this time. Good thing b/c I had to leave my friend birds at the other place, and it made me sad. I had no way of telling them I was leaving. I know they kept going to my door to ask for food, and I know no one was there to give and the only ones there didn't care. They told me to stop feeding birds long before I moved; I did not obey and fed them anyway when no human was looking.

I thought I would miss certain things about that place but no. We overstayed, so I gladly moved on and love where I am, despite hardships.

I am coming back to art soon. I can't wait. Just need the weather to become a bit warmer. I can't even think properly in this cold, much less work on pretty art making. I just can't. Not yet.

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