Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dog days

Though I have been good these days about going to bed reasonably early (used to be a night owl), tonight I'm up late.

I know why.

Too much to do.

And as I surfed Facebook (WHY??) I just saw this comment: "I have too many obligations that things would fall apart if I didn't do them. I'm stressed and exhausted. I have no idea how long I can do this, but it's looking like 3-4 years non stop."


I think she meant she will be feeling that way for the next few yrs. I mean the reverse: been feeling like that for the past 3-4 yrs. I'm tired, memory is bad, and I can only wish for breaks and other things, like lots and lots of sleep.
And careless Nature walks.
I thought I was somewhat better, but as I cleaned up and organized my office/table/studio/computer files and paperwork to be looked over for the oomph time, I realize: just TOO MUCH.
What am I doing? Feels like hamster wheel, spinning and going nowhere. Too many things pending, too many things started, not finished...this is super frustrating but a chronic problem. I need rehab.

The comment I can relate to was written in response to a share of this article.
Which, BTW, I will have to read later when I have

I'll just add it to my to-do list.


PS: Yesterday I was going for a careless Nature walk, when we found these stray dogs.


  1. Good of you to watch over these dear souls. Iknow what you mean about having to much to do I don't do facebook to know that I am backed up in things o do, I'll get to it sometime. Hey good to see you. Don't stress on the things to do stuff, life itself is more important. Take care.

  2. Hello! Found you on an ACEO group at Flickr. I think most people feel at least some of what you feel about being stuck. But I think if you're doing art you enjoy - because you can't help but improve by continuing to do whatever thing it is you want to do - then that is always time well spent. I don't mean to say your feelings are wrong, only that maybe things aren't quite *so* bad. At least I hope so.

    As for those dogs, how great of you to try to find their homes. They look like they must belong to someone!